I’m so glad you’ve come along to enjoy this adventure with me!

My name is Teal Naomi.

I am a self-published author on Amazon & CreateSpace.

I’ve published two novels in 2017 and plan to publish so many more! I have plans to publish 3 more books in 2018 already! Can you believe that? And it’s still January!

My favorite book genre is a mixture of supernatural, romance, and action/adventure, I’m really into anime/manga, and I have an unusual amount of bookshelves in my room.

With my ever growing collection of bookshelves I’m hoping this is my subconscious way of investing for the future of creating that mystery rotating room through a bookshelf that we all dream of.

Other topics that are about me that don’t involve books, believe it or not, being a self-author isn’t my main swing. (Although we all know I wish it was). I currently work for a hospital and I’m studying American Sign Language Interpreting (ASL). I know a bit of French, German, and Spanish. But I would never say that I’m quite fluent on any of those languages. I have less abilities then a toddler, but the first step is always to step up to that starting line!

I firmly believe if you’ve started you’re a million miles ahead then where you originally began. There are so many things in life I’ve accomplished through sheer-will power and determination.

Forwards is Forwards No Matter How Fast.