Slip by Teal Naomi

The book begins with Shae who has been called into work to meet with his supervisor, always everybody’s favorite situation! But things take a dramatic turn when it turns out to be a job to kill his brother! And on top of that he must find and rescue his boss’ daughter which he’s been told his brother, Dimitri, has kidnapped!

Dimitri had been spending his days attempting to live in ignorant bliss before the organization that he was working for decided he should be part of the job tonight. Too bad majority of those jobs are assassinations. After finding a woman who will probably be dead in minutes, Dimitri’s world goes askew. And for the worse.

What would you do if everything you were raised to believe and had to believe for your own sanity was suddenly ripped away from you?

Author: Teal Naomi

Self-Published Author & Loving It!!

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