My Books

I’ve got so much cooking up for you to enjoy! I’m glad you’re here! I can’t wait to

entrance you in my spell, before you know it, you won’t be able to ever leave!

I’m currently writing supernatural-romance-adventure novels, which I’m sure you’ll

love! It’s the reason you’re here after all, isn’t it? Or did you come for me?

Obviously it’s the books! I hope you enjoy!

Currently in 2017, I have two books Published:

  • Slip
  • Pocket Demon

2018’s Releases

  • Fall

In 2018, I plan to release at least two more books!

  • Promises [A Pocket Demon Story]
  • Rise, the thrilling conclusion of Slip & Fall’s Triology

~BUT wait there’s more:

  • Every2Centuries
  • ATTI or it’s longer name: All the Things Imagined
  • Possibly a slightly risque novel [this one has me blushing so bad]

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