Every2Centuries: A Summary

In a demon-based society, Layla is now in her high school years and without any powers like her peers around her. The later you get your powers the more likely you are to cause a tragedy, the built-up amount of power causes a backlash releasing several years of pent-up energy which has caused a tragedy every single time. Layla’s mom has enrolled her in the Saint Dante & Kimberly’s School, a school for those with poor power control, their roll? To keep her powers under control when they finally awaken so the day her powers awaken isn’t a large massacre.

But when a terrorist organization attacks the school and a coup de’tat starts on the same day, her mother decides it’s time to move. And what’s the best place to move to hide other than in enemy territory? Layla is about to find out more about herself than either her or her mom ever knew.

And that she’s holding the key that could end or accelerate the Ice-Fire-Demon War.

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