18 Years Ago

            A mother pulled a bundle to her chest and tightened her grip on her other child, a four-year-old. A well-decorated man with pointy ears and well-kept hair, bowed at her feet, well-more of a kneel in her book and a hand on the heart. It was likely a cultural difference, but either way, she wasn’t sure she wanted him anywhere near her or her two children. “I’m not sure I should accept this. I can’t promise anything in exchange and it will bring more danger to your people. Plus, if it’s a trap.” She glanced at both her children, “you’ll have to find it in your heart to forgive me, I married into this-“

            The kneeling man stifled a laugh, moments too late, “I’m afraid I also have to ask you to forgive my rudeness, the fact that you considered I have a heart, your children will be safe with us. They’ll be fine ambassadors one day.” The man smiled, his ears twitching, “I have a son about her age and I’d prefer he not meet the end of her sword upon their first meeting.”

            The woman silenced one of the first laughs that had escaped her since the passing of her husband, one of the areas most celebrated Hunters, her shaking receiving, at the very least becoming less visible. “Until these two are older a connection to me does not benefit you I’m not strong and don’t have a Hunter’s natural intuition.”

            “You make a mockery of my clan that has befallen your hand via intelligence.”

            The woman glanced towards her children, “It’s strange, with my husband gone, you would still seek to flatter me. I want our guaranteed protection for the three of us. And the ability to choose and remembering that we may not have similar cultural standards. I don’t want to accidentally give away either of my children to an arranged marriage especially to circumstances I don’t understand, but I don’t want them to not be included in their own community.”

            The man nodded, “I’ll write a contract for our deal, in terms that will be understood by a human, not of our realm,” The man stood, “One more thing, Mrs. Flare I, again, welcome you to the world of vampires.”

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