Free Preview of Fall

Half of the first chapter of Slip’s Sequel Fall

Who doesn’t like a FREE preview of something? Especially a book! Let me give you a bit of information before you begin reading just so you know! Fall is the sequel to Slip, it’s part of a set of three which I plan to have released during 2018. The titles are Slip, Fall, and Rise; each ironically named by my elder brother.

If you’ve read the first book you’ll know why it’s so ironic that he named these books this way, after reading Slip’s title.

Now, I’ve kept you waiting long enough, here’s Fall’s preview:

Fall by Teal Naomi rough draft cover

Chapter 1

Breathing had never been so hard, literally. On one side of the tent Dimitri was sure he would freeze to death.

On the other, Dimitri glanced at Luna radiating warmth as she got closer and closer to him in her sleep. She was the warmest thing for miles, heat rolled from her in waves. The tent they were sleeping in was quickly overpowering sauna level temperature. Having a phoenix heart jammed into her chest could be a good reason for the overbearing heat on the other side of the tent.

Especially since their tent was set up in the middle of the Tundra, wind beating against it, and the temperature only dropping further into the negatives.

The wind threw itself against the tent again like a child having a temper tantrum and no one was stopping it from throwing itself against the wall, repeatedly.

Luna’s eyes slid open and she sat up, “It’s time to go.”

Dimitri glanced towards the other end of the tent terrified and hoping the entrance’s zipper would open. “They’ll catch up. Shae and Ling have each other, but for now we need to go.” Luna shuffled, slipping a coat on before heading out to dismantle their tent. “Dimitri?”

He shuffled beginning to gather the things inside the tent, so they’d be able to move forwards with their journey towards the town of Whithollow, the town should’ve been close the map Ling gave them said it should be out there. They’d probably be there if it wasn’t for the wind that was attacking them.

“What is your reason for your intrusion on this mountain?”

Dimitri turned crawling as fast as one could in a tent, Luna pushing him back into the tent, “What? You can’t call me and then push me back into the tent.”

“We’re camping. I didn’t realize this was private property we’ll leave. Hey! Wait! Let go!” Luna snapped.

Dimitri snatched one of the swords he had stolen from one of Eric’s stashes along the way off the floor, “What’s going on out there?” His voice meant to be a rough growl boomed a crossed what should’ve been an empty mountain range.

Dimitri surveyed the situation, anger and annoyance boiling in his chest, whoever was attacking them had brought a small army. His eyes shifted towards Luna wrestling her wrist out of one of their soldier’s hands. He felt his feet beginning to move forwards wishing the snow wasn’t preventing him from moving in a more menacing manner.

“Wait!” Weapons clattered in the snow as the soldiers dropped to their knees.

Waiting wasn’t something he had time for. ‘Don’t pity the enemy. Don’t listen to the enemy.’ One of the few things he could be thankful for Quantum Chrome teaching him. His grip tightened around the hilt, “Luna, when I swing, duck.”

Luna’s eyes widened with fear, “If you miss, I’ll kill you.”

He suppressed a laugh. She wasn’t wrong. He could still feel the burns on his palms. Luna would be the only one left standing if he missed. He didn’t plan on missing, but there was always a back-up plan if he did. Dimitri raised the sword above his head.

Slip by Teal Naomi

The book begins with Shae who has been called into work to meet with his supervisor, always everybody’s favorite situation! But things take a dramatic turn when it turns out to be a job to kill his brother! And on top of that he must find and rescue his boss’ daughter which he’s been told his brother, Dimitri, has kidnapped!

Dimitri had been spending his days attempting to live in ignorant bliss before the organization that he was working for decided he should be part of the job tonight. Too bad majority of those jobs are assassinations. After finding a woman who will probably be dead in minutes, Dimitri’s world goes askew. And for the worse.

What would you do if everything you were raised to believe and had to believe for your own sanity was suddenly ripped away from you?