The Adventures of A Failing Polyglot

Hey guys! How y’all doing today? I hope it’s super-duper splendid! Now there’s something I’d like to share with you, currently on twitter my header says “Author, Language-Learner, Only Bites on Tuesdays”

It says ‘language-learner’ as I so elegantly put it instead of Polyglot for a reason. I’d like to explain this reason. Let’s start with how many languages I’ve studied. That’s right, studied.

  • German
    • 3 Years of it, in High School
  • Spanish
    • Junior High
    • College Spanish 105, & currently Spanish 106
  • French
    • College French 105
    • Confidence was absolutely destroyed in this one, not only was I struggling with the language unsure where to turn to for help, I was working too many hours to focus, and I felt highly embarrassed whenever in class. Frankly, I just didn’t want to go.
    • I loved the alphabet, but mostly how English-y it sounded until the letter y, I loved to growl the letter, I can still sing the alphabet
  • American Sign Language
    • College ASL 105, 106, and if we had more I probably would’ve kept going with this one! [My prof. is still fighting to get a third one installed that focuses on the medical field because we have so many nursing majors]
    • I plan to transfer to study this language as a full-time career after receiving my first degree.

I fell in love with American Sign Language, and decided to pursue a career in American Sign Language Interpreting. I hit the wall with French, but loved their alphabet and might actually try again once transferring school, I’ve considered minoring in German if given the opportunity to learn it from scratch [like I actually mean it this time. Let’s face it I only took it in high school because it was required and I was scared of Spanish], And then there’s Spanish.

I’m currently taking Spanish and  constantly frustrated, I’m hitting a wall constantly and let me tell you the work doesn’t make me feel like I’ve actually accomplished anything. I can barely read children’s books and let me tell you if it isn’t, “No hablo español, uno momento por favor.” or a very limited number of food, I’m probably not going to get anywhere with you.

Not yet.

This is where my advice comes in: Don’t give up. You’ve already learned one language haven’t you? Just because you’re older it doesn’t make a difference, you are completely capable of learning a language. And I’m going to prove it. As I’ve always told myself, forwards is forwards. No matter how fast.

My goal is to be a fluent, in  the very least on a conversational level, by the time I’m 25. I’m about to be 21, four years left to go! And I’m planning on going full force all the way!

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